Church House Investment Management

Church House Investment Management (Church House) is a private wealth management business that delivers peace of mind investing through a range of investment solutions for individuals, families and institutions.  We are based in Sherborne and London.

We have a clear philosophy: investment funds and portfolios are a means to an end and that end is customer outcome.  We deliver personal wealth management and view this as a balance between risk and reward.  Risk is the permanent loss of capital so our methodology is one that places great emphasis on producing returns without undue risk to capital.  A crucial technique in achieving this is diversification: we invest in a range of holdings within our own in-house funds to build portfolios, which are carefully blended together to optimise the balance of risk and return.  Our discretionary management team do not look to outperform competitors or benchmarks but to give investors the returns they would expect without the shocks they fear.

Managing investments is just one part of the journey to helping our private clients achieve their wealth goals.  Strong and insightful planning together with personal and efficient service are vital ingredients to success.  Integral to our service is the broad range of support from dedicated relationship managers to client services representatives plus we encourage interaction with fund and portfolio managers.

One important element of the Church House philosophy is full transparency.  Through the ownership of our own investment funds, Church House is able to offer investors complete visibility of where their money is invested, engendering a true sense of trust.  Our traditional private client portfolio service is complimented by our six in-house investment funds, the origins of which all lie in portfolios designed for specific private client requirements.  This history demonstrates that our funds were not manufactured to capitalise on a commercial opportunity but to deliver a specific investment outcome.

We offer both bespoke portfolios and managed portfolios.  Our bespoke portfolios are carefully constructed for each individual client in order to meet their specific investment objectives and risk tolerances.  They are built from our core investment funds together with a careful selection of external investments to create custom portfolios.  Our managed portfolios are constructed purely from our fund range and designed to meet varying levels of investment risk, all supported by an award-winning investment administration platform.

We welcome private investors and professional intermediaries to consider our investment products and service.  Our service is predicated on a proven Church House process that has been delivering financial prosperity to private investors for generations.

If you would like further information or wish to discuss our services in more detail, then please do not hesitate to contact Leanne Harvey on 01935 382633 or email [email protected]

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