Susie Watson Designs

WHO WE ARE: Susie Watson Designs

WHAT WE DO: We are an Interior Design Company. Susie founded SWD on the belief that using beautiful handmade things every day can be a source of unexpected pleasure. Everything you see in the shop has been designed by Susie herself. Susie has spent long periods working out in India and Sri Lanka, we work with some wonderfully skilled artisans in both countries using traditional techniques. We firmly believe that our teams in the UK and abroad are a part of our working family and we are closely tied both professionally and personally.

As Manager and Head of Business Development working for SWD, it is a joy to work with such beautiful fabrics and objects and to take a personal interest in the development of the Company.

HOW TO REACH US: We are right on the High Street at the top of the hill, 28 Cheap Street. [email protected] or 01935 817641. Come in and see our beautiful designs.

What's on

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